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Mental Telehealth in NC 

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I get it, you are busy!  


Finding an experienced and trained mental health professional who is a good fit AND local can be impossible. And traveling for appointments (especially during a pandemic), is not a relaxing experience. Not only is difficult to find trained providers, but the early adult period (including the perinatal period) is also filled with other appointments and responsibilities that make convenience essential.  

Telehealth allows you to meet with your provider without having to travel to an office.  

My platform is HIPPA compliant and easily accessed on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices.  

All services are offered in remote format.  In-person appointments are not available at this time.  Direct patient care is available to patients in NC . (Online virtual maternal mental health workshops are available for all).

Preparing for your Mental Health Virtual Appointment

Receiving mental healthcare, including medication management, therapy, and Brainspotting, from the comfort of...anywhere in NC cannot be easier!  The convenience of telehealth allows clients to work with a trained perinatal mental health specialist, even if they live in a rural, underserved area in North Carolina.  All you need is a private and safe location where you will have internet access.  Here are some tips to make your virtual mental health appointment as smooth as possible:

  • Plan your location in advance.  Do you have room in your house where you will have privacy?  Would your vehicle be a better location?  Will you be having your appointment on a work-break?  Once you know where you want to be during your appointment-make it comfy-grab a warm beverage or a cushion or blanket if needed!

  • Make sure your device is charged or you have it plugged in.

  • Login to your telehealth appointment about 5 minutes early and check your microphone and video to make sure both are working.  (You video must be enabled during your appointment).

  • Be sure you have completed any needed online forms (including your treatment update form) prior to your appointment.

  • Relax and take a deep breath!  It takes courage to ask and receive help, you are already doing great!  Don't forget to give yourself credit for taking a positive step toward your mental wellbeing.  We are going to enjoy working together!

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