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Solution Focused Therapy for Mental Health

Becoming an adult is hard work-there is so much to learn and do (and this learning never stops)! Anytime we are learning and growing there are bound to be mistakes and frustrations along the way, especially during the transition to adulthood, pregnancy, lactation, and the postpartum and early parenting periods.  When this leads to feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression, irritability, or hopelessness (which are commonly seen during these times), focusing on solutions and clearly determining and communicating your goals, hopes, and aspirations can help you find your path to success and mental wellbeing.  What would your life be like without the stress and challenges at hand?

Getting Mental Health Help NOW

For General Mental Health...

The transition to adulthood comes with a steep learning curve. Having the support of practical solutions and education about how your brain and body work together can improve your mood, energy, relationships, and ability to achieve your goals. Whether you are entering the workforce, college, or becoming a parent, you have likely not been prepared with the mental health tools you need. Together we can set you up for success now and in the future!

For Maternal Mental Health...

While the days may feel looonnnngg, the phases of motherhood go by in a blink.  When it comes to mom and baby development (yes both!), the task at hand changes daily, weekly, and monthly!  Solution-focused therapy is ideal for the stress and overwhelm and exacerbations of mood and anxiety disorders that occur during pregnancy, postpartum, and early parenting because the focus is on working on the challenges and concerns of the present moment.

You know yourself and your baby best!  BUT that doesn't mean you have to know it all.  Solution-focused therapy not only allows you to determine what is most important to prioritize for your mental well-being and motherhood journey, it also allows you to lean on your strengths WITH the support of a trained perinatal mental health professional to assist you on your path.  With encouragement, guidance, and resources, not only will you be better able to obtain the goals that matter most to you, you will feel better and more confident with less overwhelm, anxiety, and hopelessness on your motherhood journey and postpartum recovery!

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