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Online Workshops to support Maternal Mental Health

Mom and baby watching virtual workshop about perinatal mental health through Joy Spring Maternal Mental Health Online Learning

You do NOT have to be a patient to access online courses.

Knowledge is power.

Fear of the unknown and unexpected are frequent contributors to the symptoms of perinatal and maternal mood and anxiety disorders.  My courses provide guidance and encouragement for clients seeking to grow and develop mentally and physically. 

Knowledge is a powerful tool in the prevention, early identification, and treatment of mental illness and the maintenance of maternal mental health.  My courses are educational, fun, humorous, and actually address real issues (rather than an idealized fiction) and include concepts of mental health necessities throughout.   

Information at your convenience in a format you will enjoy!

What is a virtual workshop for maternal mental health?

Online learning is way to access evidence-based strategies (psycho-education) that have been repeatedly shown to improve mental health in a format that is convenient, self-paced, and accessible wherever you are, whenever you need it, across electronic platforms from a trained PERINATAL MENTAL HEALTH SPECIALIST

One of the features that makes online learning so helpful is that the content is organized in smaller bite-sized chunks that steadily build on one another so that you can take the time to master the content in one lesson before progressing to the next at your own pace.  This prevents overwhelm and wasted time that comes from following someone else's learning timeline- which is important when you are already struggling with anxiety, stress or irritability.

Not only that, as you complete your online workshop or course, you will likely become aware of more areas of needed psycho-education which will ALREADY be available so you don't have to waste time figuring out how to apply what you have learned.

In addition, the educational platform allows for multiple formats of learning so that you can access video content, worksheets, helpful links and resources, and more all in one virtual location. Success for all learning styles!

Privacy is key when it comes to mental health.  EVERY mom needs support!  However, not all moms feel comfortable accessing mental health care.  They may not have the support they need-emotionally or logistically to make 1-on-1 care practical or obtainable.  Online workshops and courses can be taken from the privacy of your own home.  

Studying Online

Who would benefit from a Maternal Mental Health Virtual Workshop?

Online learning is great for anyone that wants to strengthen their mental health skills, learn more about themselves, develop actionable skills that can be immediately implemented, and is willing to take the time to complete the lessons (including the accompanying worksheets and resources.  

Because it is self-paced, having an accountability buddy can be helpful-you may want to encourage other moms to sign up with you!  To help clients motivate to complete their workshop, the content is typically only available for a six month period.

While online learning is not a replacement for therapy, it is a great supplement and it is perfect for clients who are not sure if therapy is something they want to pursue.  Each course incorporates therapeutic concepts from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), motivational interviewing (MI), and solution-focused therapy (SFT) among others.  In each workshop, I also cover how to access care (regardless of location), if you discover that you may need to add therapy.  

Each workshop is also tailored to the unique needs of maternal mental health.  Depression, anxiety, and exacerbations of bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) are frequent during the reproductive years. Not only that, these conditions tend to present differently and require additional support when they occur during pregnancy, lactation, postpartum, and early parenting.  Each course is taught by a perinatal mental health specialist so you know the information you receive will be accurate, up-to-date, and tailored to the unique needs of pregnancy, postpartum, lactation, and parenting.

Moms and Babies feeling better after completing and online workship through Joy Spring Maternal Mental Health Online Learning
Woman Studying

What is the difference between an ONLINE WORKSHOP and an ONLINE COURSE for Maternal Mental Health?

Great question!  For the purpose of Joy Spring Maternal Mental Health ONLINE LEARNING the terms online workshop and online course are used interchangeably.  However, every online learning opportunity offered by Joy Spring Maternal Mental Health includes essential accompanying workbook material.  

Every learner is encouraged to understand that their participation from completing the accompanying exercises is vital to their success!  Don't worry, the homework has been very carefully thought out to focus on what matters most to your mental wellbeing-no busy work here!


How to Succeed in your Maternal Mental Health Virtual Workshop

Finding time for yourself as mom can be challenging to say to the least!  When you do finally get time to do something for yourself, it can feel like another pressure to be productive OR it can feel like there is so much to be done that it is overwhelming.  It can be difficult to even start.  But momma, you need and deserve care just as much as your kids and loved ones do!

Before you begin your virtual workshop, it is important to reflect on your values and what you hope to achieve from the virtual workshop.  All maternal mental health virtual workshops offered by Joy Spring Maternal Mental Health are outcomes based-meaning they are specifically structured to provide you with knowledge and tools you need for transformational change.  That said, there is a direct relationship to what you put in and what you get out.  Here are a few tips to help you succeed.

  • Set aside a time each 1-2 weeks to complete your lesson.  Any day or time that works for you is perfect-that is the beauty of virtual workshops!  The lessons are typically less that 30 minutes.

  • Turn off extra distractions when you are viewing your video lessons.  

  • Set aside a time each week to complete your workbook activities and review the provided additional resources.  You will want to do this after the lesson and you may want to repeat the workbook activities several times throughout the week as you build your skills.

  • Go at your own pace.  You have 6 months access and you may need to spend more time with a particular lesson before going to the next.  That's fine!  Just don't stop working through the course until it is complete and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE what you learn EVERY day-don't worry each virtual maternal mental health workshop has been designed with skills and activities that can be seamlessly incorporated into your daily routine!

Working from Home
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