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How To Access Maternal Mental Health Services

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1-on-1 (meds, talk, Brainspotting) available to clients in NC 

  1. Click the request an appointment button.

  2. This will take you to a link to fill out the required consent forms to initiate treatment.  You are required to complete your welcome packet forms PRIOR to scheduling your first appointment!  This ensures your time in your appointment can be devoted to your care.  (I know the forms are a hassle but they are legally required.  I've done my best to make it as convenient as possible)!

  3. Once you complete the standard consent, HIPPA, acknowledgement of practice policies forms, you will be directed to online self-scheduling. Pick the date and time that works best for you.  If you don't see an option that works, please call the main-line at 336-290-1396.

  4. Set up your payment. I require all patients to keep a card on file that will be billed automatically after your appointment.  This card will also be automatically billed with a no-show fee in the event you miss an appointment with less than 24 hours notice. You may set this up before or during your first appointment.

  5. Contact your insurance to find out about your out-of-network benefits if you would like to file yourself-I will provide a Superbill.  LEARN MORE

  6. Prior to your appointment, you will receive a patient reminder with any needed assessment tools to be completed 24 hours pior to your appointment.

  7. Login to your appointment 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

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I hate doing forms...

Me too!  To make things easier I have partnered with a program that allows you to complete your forms at your convenience with a few easy clicks.  This is a HIPAA compliant secure way to make the legally required paperwork as point and click as possible.  By filling out forms ahead of time, we can use your appointment time for your concerns AND still provide the most evidenced based care.  A wealth of research shows the importance of taking the time to do thorough assessments and collect necessary data through validated, evidence-based tools.  This makes sure you get the most effective treatment possible-thank you for participating!

Online Workshops and Courses-Available regardless of location in US

  1. Click the online course catalog button.

  2. Select the course(s) that best meet your needs. 

  3. Register, pay, and start your path to improved mental health, pregnancy, parenting and beyond. 

  4. Since these workshops are self-paced and for educational purposes only, they do not establish a patient-provider relationship and are not a replacement for therapy or medical care.  That said, that means you DO NOT need to fill out patient paperwork for online courses.

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