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Medication Management

The goal of medication management is to help you feel all the way well, with as few medications as possible. This means that you should be able to eat, sleep, work, play, maintain your relationships AND enjoy these activities in whatever way is meaningful to you.



In order to make sure that the medications I prescribe are going to help you feel well, I use up-to-date evidence-based treatment recommendations and assessment tools. At every appointment, we will discuss, in-depth, the changes you are noticing and make stepwise adjustments as necessary.

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It is important that you understand the safety considerations of your medication. I will take the time to answer your questions, and provide you with handouts to make sure that you understand how to take your medication safely. This includes avoiding drug interactions and ordering lab monitoring if needed.

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In order for a medication to be useful, it must be effective, safe, AND free from intolerable side effects. At every appointment, I will assess for side effects and make adjustments as needed. You are encouraged to communicate any time you are experiencing an unwanted side effect and may do so securely through your patient portal. In addition, you will always be provided with anticipatory guidance about common side effects and the strategies we have to manage them.

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