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The goal of Joy Spring Mental Health is that everyone who engages in my services (whether it is direct patient care or online coursework), feels welcome, heard, and accepted.  I respect and value differing cultural lenses. My care will meet you where you are and be applicable to your needs.  Examples of clients who find my services helpful include:

Who I Serve-
Mental Health in NC 

  • Young adults from the ages of 18 and older. 

  • Young-at-heart adults who need assistance with their mental health and medication management.

  • College students.

  • Clients considering pregnancy seeking to optimize their mental health

  • Clients during the perinatal and early parenting period (first or subsequent pregnancies)

  • Non-birthing experiencing mood symptoms during the period of time of their partner's pregnancy or early parenting

  • Adoptive parents

  • Parents experiencing high-risk or pregnancy complications

  • Grandparents raising young children.

  • Step-parents

  • Diverse sexual, gender, religious, and ethnic populations

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Conditions I Treat Safely (Including During Preconception, Pregnancy,and Beyond)-Mood and Anxiety Disorders

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